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3D printing in the UK is not as widespread as it could be.  Why is that?

There is a lot of talk about Britain stepping up to introduce 3D printing into schools to make sure the workforce of the future is working with current skills.

Honestly, to the people I have spoken to, there seems to be two major hurdles that need to be overcome.

Firstly is the cost of the printer.  There are a number of printers on the market, but which one is best suited for schools.  Is it purely decided by price? Is functionality important and what about after sales care and servicing?

Secondly, teachers already have a syllabus to work to.  It’s generally a subject they know and have been studying and teaching for a while and now they are introducing something new.  And it’s not just a bit new, this technology has only really been at a level that is this cost effective for a couple of years.

We will try and put together some guidance and advise to help bring 3D printing to more people and to show that this technology can benefit people of all levels and ages.

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